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Through movement, I have been able to experience new cultures and places which constantly change my view of the world. Here is a collection of some of the things I have seen, and some of the things I've been working on.

Rowley Way

The Alexandra Road Estate, more commonly referred to as ‘Rowley Way’ is one of the most visually interesting estates in London. Built in the late 1970s and designed by Neave Brown, the estate is renowned for its grand curving nature and unique architectural elements. I visited the estate with parkour athlete and friend, George Mayfield to capture this series of images, where we were given a tour by Rowley way resident and architect, Hamish Hertford. It was was enlightening to have Hamish providing us with explanation of the features of the construction and design on the estate, and I hope to do more architecture focused stuff in the future!

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Abandoned Kupari

Every once in a while, I get an email for a project that results in an opportunity to shoot Parkour in a ridiculous location. So when the guys at WormApp asked me if I had any ideas for cool, abandoned places, in Europe, that might be good for a video shoot I got to googling. It wasn’t too long until I found Kupari, a beach resort complex of five hotels, abandoned since the 80s and looking amazing for parkour. A few days later, myself and Brad from Worm, were on a flight to Dubrovnik to go and scout the place. What follow are my favourite images from that scout.

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Jumps in June

There are so many parkour images in my hometown that I’ve shot, sometimes I forget what I have and haven’t captured. My ideas have had to get more and more creative, and in a way, being put in the box of a place I know so well just forces me to adapt and commit to bigger and bigger photographic ideas. This June, I decided I wanted to tick off two big photos I’d always wanted to get, so here they are.

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Jessie Graff in London

Jessie Graff is probably the most accomplished female Ninja Warrior competitor in the world. I was recently offered an opportunity to shoot with her while she is in London working on a movie. We met at the Southbank along with my friend and Ninja Warrior course tester, Shane Griffin, with the goal of capturing some images featuring iconic London scenes as a backdrop. Shooting a new athlete can be challenging sometimes, especially considering that opportunities for movement are not as common when specifically looking for iconic scenes, but we had a spot of luck with a London bus and I think the final results are great!

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Rooftop Parkour POV

This year, I’ve made a commitment to post one video a month on the Ampisound Youtube Channel. Thus far, I’ve published three videos, with our Rooftop Parkour POV achieving success at almost 200,000 views at time of writing.

The Parkour POV features athlete Connor Walker, moving across various new locations and spots. I wanted to make sure that all the lines in the video had never been seen on the Ampisound channel before, so we visited new places to shoot, which I think is key to creating interesting POV videos. I’m always keen for them to feel cohesive in terms of lighting and colour, and I did a lot of colour work to make sure the transitions and cuts felt smooth.

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Cambridge Toehang

In this new blog post format ‘behind the image’ I’m going to be looking at a photo I have taken with an interesting story, and sharing what went into its capture. To start things off, we’re looking at a photo I took eight years ago when Phil Doyle hung by his feet off the edge of a rooftop in Cambridge…

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Lorena Abreu

Lorena Abreu has been on my radar as one of the upcoming female American athletes to keep an eye on. I finally got to meet her in person a few years ago at the 4 The Love of Movement jam in Holland, and recently saw her again at this years 2017 edition. After, she hit me up and suggested we shoot together while she was in the UK, so we got together one evening to capture a few images.

Lorena was so passionate with each setup we captured, which made for images which translate well to her energy and character.

Shot with Canon 5D mk3, 16-35 & 24-70 f/2.8 or 85 f/1.4. Natural Light & 1x Yongnuo LED panel for fill & catchlights.

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Talia in Tokyo

During my time in Tokyo with Talia, I wanted to try to capture a series of a few portraits with different atmospheres. I aimed to capture images with the strong urban feel, along with the more relaxed and peaceful vibe of the shrines and temples we visited.

A few times while hanging out with my friends in Japan, they asked me ‘is she a model?’ but Talia actually has never modelled, apart from for her selfies. Effectively these are just fancy tourist photos, but it was interesting to work with the different styles.

The vast majority of these images were shot on the wonderful vintage lens, the Helios 44-2, a cheap russian lens I got from a charity shop that produces this wonderful bokeh. You can particularly see the effect in corners of the final images of this series.

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Tokyo Three

In June, I went for my third trip to Tokyo in the last three years. It seems to be that I have been making visits to Japan an annual thing recently, and I can definitely see myself going again next year if I can!

Once again, I found myself enamoured with Tokyo and having recently put some time into studying more Japanese, was able to integrate with the culture in a way I hadn’t before.

I was joined by my girlfriend, Talia, who features in some of these images and will also appear in a seperate post, Talia in Tokyo, which is a series of portraits I shot of her during our trip.

These images are mostly shot with my Canon G7X, however a few are on Sony A7S2 and my iPhone! Enjoy.

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In January, Talia and I took a short city break to Lisbon. I’d heard that it was a rather hilly city, but I was not ready for the level of hill that we experienced. In Lisbon, every day is leg day!

We explored the winding cobbled streets, up and down stairs and slopes. Our main tourist stops were the castles and cathedrals, the castle especially which offered fantastic views of the city.

Even though it was January, the weather was a wonderful 19C and sunny. Here are a set of some ‘tourist’ photos I shot on my Canon G7X, check them out!

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Liverpool in the Fog

I visited the foggy city of Liverpool to join some urban exploration missions that my friends Danny and Stevy had been on recently.

While growing up, I spent many months visiting Liverpool and in some ways I grew up there as a result. Along with Cambridge and London, Liverpool would be my next most well known part of the UK. It’s also got some pretty interesting architecture, especially its two famous cathedrals.

What follow are a collection of images from the few days I spent up north, all shot with just my point and shoot wonder, the Canon G7x.

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Damsel and the Dam

Recently, I’ve been enjoying shooting with women who move, as its a nice change from my typical fare. Miranda is a Ballet dancer living in LA, so I knew we had to shoot something with her while I was there.

We tripped out to Sepulveda Dam and shot this series of photos. I liked the contrast with the large concrete shapes of the Dam, versus the beautiful and light movements of Miranda’s dancing. She was so excited about the location and getting the perfect positions for the movements, and her passion clearly carried into the images that follow.

All these images were shot with Canon 5D3 at 85mm. Check them out!

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