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Through movement, I have been able to experience new cultures and places which constantly change my view of the world. Here is a collection of some of the things I have seen, and some of the things I've been working on.

California Dreaming

I took a spontaneous trip to Los Angeles for a few weeks this summer to visit some of my friends there. Its always nice to enjoy the California Sun, and it was surprising to see so many of my fellow brits out there at one time. Unlike most of my trips, this one was more of a social visit than my usual tourist endeavours.

We spent a good amount of time at Malibu beach, chasing sunsets. It was really sunny and hot in LA, so it was nice to be by the water mostly. Here is a collection of some of my favourite images from my time in the USA, shot on my 5d3.

I’ve been trying to improve the way I edit my images in terms of colour, because thats something I think really helps refine an image to how I want it. I also did a shoot with a ballerina at Sepulveda dam, so those images will be up shortly too!

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Beaches & Bali

After my time in Japan, I decided to pop over to Indonesia to visit my buddy Alex, who happened to be there. I’ve been to Bali once already last year, but I figured as I was already in Asia, it would be fun to go and hang out for a couple of weeks.

The one thing I forget about Bali is how much less developed it is. For example, I was staying in a guesthouse near a big rice field. One lunch in the attached Warung (kind of like a canteen) I realised that the rice in my friend rice, was grown in that rice field next to my bedroom. How rare is it to eat food that is grown metres away from where you are staying!

Another example, my local Indonesian friends tell me the default approach to the police stopping you is ‘don’t stop’. The police are generally trying to shake town tourists apparently, so the locals told me ‘just drive past them’. Its fascinating how the whole country operates slightly differently to what I’m used to in the western world.

The freedom you can experience there, is both liberating and intrinsically dangerous. Luckily for me, I mostly wanted a chilled beach holiday, so I took my Canon G7X and shot some tourist photos for fun. Here is what I captured…

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Tokyo Nights

My second collection of images from my spring’16 month in Tokyo. I explored so many amazing places, scaled some rooftops and shot plenty of rainy streets. Tokyo is so wonderful to shoot at night because there is so much ambient light. Signs and lamps are absolutely everywhere so its really easy to shoot handheld (I know a tripod is better but this is just tourist stuff for me!).

Without a doubt its my favourite when it rains though, not only do the streets look so shiny and reflective, but the silhouette of a person with an umbrella is so timeless for me.

Images shot mostly with my Canon G7X, a few from my 5Dmk3! Enjoy!

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Tokyo Days

I took a trip back to Tokyo for the month of April to fulfil my lifelong wish to see the cherry blossoms. Having already spent a month there last September, I knew my way around and had a good grasp on how to get around. I spent some time learning to read Japanese in Hiragana and Katakana, which proved so useful in being able to understand the language better and do things on my own more than the last time.

Unlike my previous trip, this one was focused less on taking photographs and doing tourist things, and more on shooting Parkour (or as they call it, パルクール – Parukuuru) and connecting with the local community. I spent the ‘We Jump the World Day’ with the locals, shot two new videos, spent some time training and feel like I got a better idea on what life in Tokyo is really like.

Here are some of my images from my second month in Tokyo, these posts focus on the daytime, the next will focus on the nights!

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Starting ’16

It’s been a busy and scattered start to the year for me. In and out of editing for a number of projects, some of which are still under embargo, some of which aren’t. I spent some time catching up with friends, travelling around the UK a bit and shooting some non-parkour images for a change.

At the moment I’m really enjoying shooting portraits especially, and I’m lucky to have a lot of beautiful friends to work with. Unlike my previous posts, this one isn’t so much a travel collection of images, but more a selection of some of the things I’ve been up to recently. All images were shot on my Canon 5D, G7X or my iPhone 6.

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New Japan

While I was in Japan, I did so much exploring and soaked in as much culture as possible. It was a life changing experience for me to finally visit Japan, and I honestly cannot recommend the country enough. The culture is so different in an amazing way!

People are unfalteringly polite and thoughtful, the food is amazing, the transport system is excellent and if you are a little geeky, you will be able to lose yourself for days.

I think it’s actually one of my favourite cities to photograph, just because the Japanese sense of design, even the lived in nature of it, is quite appealing to me.

Here are my final images from Japan!

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Old Japan

I’m rounding out my final two posts from my Japan trip earlier this year. These will be all the images I shot on my 5D Mk3, as previously all my Japan posts have been taken with my Canon G7X. This post features a collection of stills from what I would call the ‘Old Japan’: Temples, nature, shrines and gardens. I had a wonderful time walking around all these stunning places, I really cannot recommend visiting Japan enough in that respect. Most of these were shot with my new 85mm 1.8 lens, which I got just before the trip. Most of my photography revolves around action, and I realised that because of that I rarely get to shoot images with nice blurry bokeh. Therefore I especially enjoyed shooting with it here!

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After my time in Bali, I returned to Singapore for a final few days before flying home to the UK. Singapore was so hot and humid, and also quite hazy during my time there. It was one of the easiest places to be in during my asia trip, because everyone speaks english, signs are in english, even the plug sockets are UK ones! The city itself has a pretty interesting hyper-modern feel, it’s pretty clean and the architecture is all very new feeling.

I was lucky to be able to visit my friends Kim, Verena and Aaron, spend some time connecting with the local community, explore a few cool places around the city and finally spending some time to shoot some Parkour. My images follow…

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After my time in Japan, I decided to fly to Singapore for a couple of days before my final journey back to the UK. Then I realised how close to Bali I was…

I have a number of friends who had already visited the Indonesian island, all of which raved about its beauty and the fact that living as a tourist there is exceptionally cheap due to the currency difference. I also knew that an old friend friend of mine, Tariq Amawi, who I had not seen since 2007, was now living and running his own parkour gym on the island. So I shot him a message, the stars lined up and the next day I was on a plane. Even more ironic, I planned to stay for a weekend, and I ended up staying nearly three weeks.

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After visiting Arashiyama early one rainy morning, my return to my hotel took me via Kyoto central station. With it only being 11AM, I realised that I could easily hop on a bullet train and be in Himeji within the hour. So I did.

I spent most of the afternoon wandering around the castle and its gardens, so unlike my other blogs, this is very much a post about one singular attraction. Throughout my time in Japan, I shot virtually all my tourist photos on my Canon G7X, which has time and time again impressed me with its quality and versatility.

So here are a few images from my day wandering around the ‘white egret’ castle!

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I hadn’t planned on visiting Nara until actually arriving in Tokyo. My friends suggested I go, so during my Kyoto time, I got up at the crack of dawn (to avoid the other tourists) and hopped on a train to Nara.

Wow. If you go to Japan and you want to see the old Japan, go to Nara. Kyoto is nice, but its a big city with lots of tourists. If you make it to Nara for 6-7am, you will literally be the only one walking around some of the most impressive temples I saw during my stay.

Also, Nara is home to hundreds and hundreds of sacred deer. These guys are actually pretty tame near the temples, and you can feed them special deer cookies you can buy from the shops, but the ones who live in the woods are a little more wild.

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After my first week and a bit in Tokyo, I planned to go and stay in the old capital of Japan, Kyoto. It was a couple hours away on the ‘Shinkansen’, more commonly known to westerners as the Bullet Train. That thing is amazing! 275+ kmph, loads of legroom, smooth ride, reclining seats, it really is the nicest train I’ve ever taken.

Kyoto was a really interesting city for me. It has an abundance of temples, basically every other street has a shrine to something, my hotel was like a tennis balls throw away from one.

Kyoto was always on my list for three spots though. Kinkaku-ji AKA the Golden Pavilion, Arashiyama for the Bamboo grove and Fushimi-Inari for thousands and thousands of beautiful red Tori gates. I was able to see all three and more, so here are my images…

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