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Through movement, I have been able to experience new cultures and places which constantly change my view of the world. Here is a collection of some of the things I have seen, and some of the things I've been working on.

Parkour Analysis

Well, nobody expected this plot twist but the world has suddenly gone crazy and we’re all in a unique and weird isolation situation. As its therefore proving rather difficult to shoot any new parkour content, I brought an old video concept I had made a few years ago back out of the freezer and refilmed it for 2020 for the main AMPISOUND channel. In the following video, I break down one of the most poorly made Parkour commercials of all time!

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Full Circle

After I was gifted with a GoPro Fusion by my friends at GoPro Japan, I soon discovered how unique and fun it is to shoot using a 360 camera for Parkour. I’d seen athletes with them before to make instagram content such as selfie stick parkour or extremely distorted wide angle videos. I felt like the camera could be better applied as a combination of the POV videos that I initially pioneered, and the classic viewpoint of parkour videos. Through a 360 camera, I can do extreme camera movements and reframe the video later. With this I wanted to make a video that would go back to one of Ampisound’s very first styles of parkour video, getting as close as possible.

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Somedays in Japan

In June, I made my sixth trip to Japan and my second for 2019. I’d met Brendan AKA Puppet in November of 2018 on my last trip, and we’d hit it off and since discussed doing a project together. We flew out to Tokyo for a little over two weeks and shot two music videos and a bunch of stills along the way. Here are some of my favourite stills of B from our adventures out and about, along with the music video I shot for ‘Somedays’.

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Huji in Tokyo

While I was in Tokyo this summer, I discovered the HUJI app. Admittedly I was a little late to the party on this one however Japan proved to be the best place to start using it. We made it our mission to capture as many ‘clappers’ as possible and it was a lot of fun to ge the randomised vintage style light flares and effects coming through on our images.

All the photos that you see here were shot on iPhone and processed through the app with no additional editing. If you want to try getting some unique looks that really suits the kind of raw and candid images an iPhone tends to capture, I recommend giving it a try!

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World Chase Tag

I’ve been loosely following World Chase Tag for the last few years, watching it grow from its initial format into a more and more professional project. When I visit my friends in Tokyo, they have a Chase Tag arena set up at their gym. It seems the Japanese TV shows are really interested, so after learning more about it I have since been paying closer attention.

It was then I found out that my friends at Breach, a Parkour clothing brand and athlete team, were entering for the upcoming qualifiers in London. I was invited to join them on the day and chose to shoot the event for my own portfolio and to test out some new autofocus settings I’ve been playing with, considering I felt the low light may be a challenge.

What follow are a generally ‘ordered by team’ set of my images from the event. I shot about half of the matches, and spent time with the athletes watching during the others. The WTC team gave me an athlete pass which meant I could enjoy the event to its fullest and capture some nice images along the way.

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Movement in March

After a cold and soggy few winter months, finally things started picking up through March & April. I’ve been meaning to try to feature more of the northern parkour scene, and Liverpool and Chester have lots of excellent spots and a fairly active community. We were visited by the guys from Marrero Gang, and I also of course am still frequently shooting around Cambridge.  I’ve been working on a lot of GoPro content recently, plus have a new Ampisound video thats now done but has been totally under the radar. I also shot a few images for the new MRG joggers that Marrero have coming out soon, so they are included here too.  We had such a hot easter weekend and I have a load of new content on the way, so enjoy the stuff below and keep an eye out for more soon!

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Parkour Photos
with a GoPro

Throughout my time shooting parkour I have used various different cameras to capture movement. Ranging from point-and-shoot to professional grade but always an ‘actual camera’ and not an ‘action cam’ such as a GoPro. In the last couple of months however I have found myself with a GoPro in my pocket more and more!

In my initial years shooting parkour I relied heavily on the fisheye lens to give my images a sense of dynamism, however in recent years I found the look a bit cliche and moved away from it. Of course the GoPro only comes with a fisheye lens, and while there are some in camera options for linear generally the best results from a GoPro in photography come from embracing the fisheye.

I transfer the images using the GoPro app and then edit them on my phone. Previously if someone asked me what camera to get to start shooting parkour I would’ve said a Canon DSLR but now my recommendation is it GoPro for sure. Here is a collection of images I shot, mostly using the burst mode on the camera, which shoots up to 30 images in one second. Seriously its such a blessing to use because I can pick the exact perfect moment I want instead of having to try to onebang capture it like how I previously do.

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Autumn Colour in Japan

Following my previous post with images from my November Tokyo trip, I wanted to follow up with a post that focuses specifically on the stunning autumnal leaves I got to experience in Japan. The Japanese word for the autumn leaves changing colours is ‘Koyo’ 紅葉  and during my trip I too got to see the shift from yellows and oranges of November to deep reds into the first week of December. These images were shot in Kamakura, which was the capital of Japan from 1192 to 1333, Enoshima which is a small bridged island near Kamakura, and finally in gardens in Tokyo. I personally really love to see temples, gardens, and also to be by the water. Kamakura and Enoshima are really close so generally you would do both in one day by taking a short train between the two. Its basically a must visit day trip from Tokyo in my opinion!

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November in Tokyo

I found cheap flights to Tokyo in November so obviously, I went. This was my fourth trip to Japan, and to be honest the more often I visit the more often I want to. I stayed at the amazing Mission Parkour gym with my friends, old and new. During my trip I also created some content for GoPro Japan, went to my first live gig in Tokyo and acquired two new Gameboys. On trip, I’d recently bought a Sony RX100V that I was keen to put through its paces as my pocket camera. Previously I’d been shooting on the G7X that Canon gave me, but I finally felt like I wanted to upgrade with something that could shoot raw and had a slightly improved image quality. The images that follow are from various moments during my time walking through various areas of Tokyo, both on solo missions and hanging out with my mates. It was such a warm november and the low sun and nice shadows led me to a colourful approach on these photos.

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Rowley Way

The Alexandra Road Estate, more commonly referred to as ‘Rowley Way’ is one of the most visually interesting estates in London. Built in the late 1970s and designed by Neave Brown, the estate is renowned for its grand curving nature and unique architectural elements. I visited the estate with parkour athlete and friend, George Mayfield to capture this series of images, where we were given a tour by Rowley way resident and architect, Hamish Hertford. It was was enlightening to have Hamish providing us with explanation of the features of the construction and design on the estate, and I hope to do more architecture focused stuff in the future!

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Abandoned Kupari

Every once in a while, I get an email for a project that results in an opportunity to shoot Parkour in a ridiculous location. So when the guys at WormApp asked me if I had any ideas for cool, abandoned places, in Europe, that might be good for a video shoot I got to googling. It wasn’t too long until I found Kupari, a beach resort complex of five hotels, abandoned since the 80s and looking amazing for parkour. A few days later, myself and Brad from Worm, were on a flight to Dubrovnik to go and scout the place. What follow are my favourite images from that scout.

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Jumps in June

There are so many parkour images in my hometown that I’ve shot, sometimes I forget what I have and haven’t captured. My ideas have had to get more and more creative, and in a way, being put in the box of a place I know so well just forces me to adapt and commit to bigger and bigger photographic ideas. This June, I decided I wanted to tick off two big photos I’d always wanted to get, so here they are.

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