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Making Parkour Practical

I offer Parkour consultancy for a wide range of production scales. This can range from athlete sourcing to location scouting, choreography and stunt co-ordination. I can enable the hiring and management of athletes, or work with existing talent on a project to choreograph and co-ordinate with them for the best results. My goal is to provide support and advice to productions when it comes to working with parkour.

When implementing Parkour into a project, its important to be able to ensure an athlete is able to provide movement skills to their full ability. Its also important that they can do so, while being safe and also cinematic. I have one of the widest networks and knowledge sets of parkour athletes, along with years of experience with them in film. This allows me to work with athletes on set in a way they can understand and trust.

Safety is of the utmost importance when working with Parkour and Freerunning. With all stunt related work, ensuring the performer, crew and production are safe is essential. I have knowledge and experience of the necessary equipment for Parkour, along with best practice for co-ordinating sequences safely.

parkour stunt co-ordinator

parkour saftey consultant

“Throughout the production process, Scott was an excellent and creative choreographer. It really helps having someone to translate from parkour to production, and he knows everyone in parkour. His presence and input to the production gave me the confidence to arrive on the shoot days and know I would be able to perform at the best of my ability, safely and effectively. His attention to detail with choreography of my movements made for one of the coolest looking things I’ve worked on, and we had a great laugh working together!”
Pip Andersen – Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens, Actor & Professional Freerunner

Working with directors and DoPs to create exciting and dynamic parkour sequences, while staying unique and original is something I enjoy the most. Wether you need someone to flip off a wall, or jump off a freeway overpass onto a bus, I can provide options and solutions for your production.