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MTS Parkour Commercial

The project I worked on in Kiev, Ukraine, has started running on Ukrainian TV. I was in Kiev for just under a week, scouting and planning a number of parkour sequences.

The 45″ spot features the talented Pip Andersen, a good friend of mine who has just landed a role in Star Wars Episode VII (The new one). It was a pleasure working with him, and the crew to ensure the movement in the spot was authentic, beautiful and fit the themes of the piece. Im especially proud of the wallspin on the window, where the director, Klaus Thymann, took the initial concept and levelled it up with the reflective surfaces and shop interior. I’ve included a few behind the scenes photos from my time in Kiev below.

pip andersen on set MTS

pip andersen roof jump gap

pip andersen star wars face

ukraine bus stunt

pip andersen rooftop

pip andersen rooftop storm freerun

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