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New Japan

While I was in Japan, I did so much exploring and soaked in as much culture as possible. It was a life changing experience for me to finally visit Japan, and I honestly cannot recommend the country enough. The culture is so different in an amazing way!

People are unfalteringly polite and thoughtful, the food is amazing, the transport system is excellent and if you are a little geeky, you will be able to lose yourself for days.

I think it’s actually one of my favourite cities to photograph, just because the Japanese sense of design, even the lived in nature of it, is quite appealing to me.

Here are my final images from Japan!

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-92

This is a backstreet in Kyoto. Most of the main streets are very busy with cars and pedestrians, but if you go one or two streets back, you can walk the same direction (as its mostly all a grid) and be much more peaceful.

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-91

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-86

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-88

This is a cool looking Taxi, especially the driver wearing white gloves!

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-89

Kyoto in particular is dotted with shrines and temples throughout. This was a common sight in the city.

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-90

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-87

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-94

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-95

I saw these kids playing Baseball in a car park. Adorable.

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-93

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-85

I also found myself appreciating architecture more and more during my stay. Having grown up in one of the older parts of England, the older gothic type architecture is normal to me. I found myself instead being drawn to these shapes and lines, light and shadow.

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-123

This is Shinjuku. I recommend you go when it rains if you can. Its stunning.

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-124

Especially because the Japanese have a kind of fascination with umbrellas, and it just looks so cool!

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-120

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-119

This was one of my favourite roof missions. Here my good friend, Yuutaro, accompanied me on the mission.

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-115

Sit somewhere high. Take a photo of your feet. Instagram likes will follow.

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-114

Tokyo has a bit of a light pollution problem, but it meant that night photos were easier than ever.

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-112

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-109

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-104

Seek and Find.

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-103

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-102

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-100

Looking for access routes. Sneaking up staircases.

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-99

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-97

I had to do quite a bit of work on this image to save it. My feet were way overexposed and the street was really badly underexposed. Did my best!

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-96

Shinjuku is pretty fun for missions. Highly recommended.

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-163

I saw this cute moment in Shibuya.

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-164

Shiny and chrome!

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-158

This building in Odaiba looks like some supervillians lair.

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-161

This is Masaru. He likes parkour, beer, pokemon and karaoke. He’s one of the coolest guys and he made my stay so much fun.

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-160

Shibuya backstreets.

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-159

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-151

I walked through tokyo a fair few times. Its nice to avoid the subway, you get to actually appreciate the city more.

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-150

This was my first roof mission in Tokyo. A little 10f one in a backstreet near Akihabara. Just to test the waters.

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-148

Which is hilarious, because straight after I committed to a 25 floor rooftop, about 4.30PM.

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-147

Worth it though.

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-144

I found Tokyo to be one of the easiest cities I’ve been to for rooftops, with multiple spots in each district I checked out.

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-143

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-142

The Abyss gazes also.

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-157

I was really looking forward to checking out the life size gundam statue in Odaiba.

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-155

They also have a pretty cool gundam museum, mostly dedicated to the Gunpla figures that are really popular in Japan.

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-154

You basically get the plastic parts and build it yourself. Its a bit like Airfix, model planes and cars, but with anime robots instead.

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-153

At night they light up the Gundam. You can see the people at its feet. Its a little bit special just to see the actual scale of it!

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-152

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-141

This is Akihabara. The famous geek district where you can find old videogames, anime/manga and electronics.

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-139

A couple of cool rooftop spots here too. I enjoy this area for the culture, but if you want to actually shop for geeky stuff, Nakano Broadway has more and is less crowded.

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-140

I’m wearing shorts in all these photos because in August, Japan is about 35*c and something like 98% humidity. Add multiple floors of stairs and suddenly you’re dying.

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-136

So much fun to be here.

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-135

We then wandered back over to the 25F building I scouted a few days earlier.

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-134

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-132

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-129

Looking over to the electric city.

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-128

Masaru, Myself and Shintaro. The guys hadn’t done many roof missions in Tokyo, so it was quite fun to take them on one in their own city!

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-131

Thats it! All my posts from Japan. I’m surprised I managed to get out six posts from my month there. I shot so much. Japan was everything I ever dreamed and I’m already committing to returning for the cherry blossoms in the spring.


  1. Austin E Fournier
    October 9, 2017 - Reply

    Heya, any chance I could use any of these photos for my desktop background, especially the top one?

    • Scott Bass
      October 12, 2017

      Of course dude! Just right click it and ‘open image in new tab’ and save it from there. They’re all wallpaper size already!

    • Austin E Fournier
      October 18, 2017

      Great, thanks! If these are generally available, there are a couple other great shots I want to add as wallpapers as well!

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