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Powershot G3X Influencer

Client: Canon – Agency: Fever – Prod: Tangerine Films

I was selected as the UK influencer for the 2015 ‘Come and See’ campaign for Canon. I primarily promoted the new Canon Powershot G3X, a superzoom point and shoot camera. I appeared in the promotional film for the G3X, shot on location in Istanbul. I had a lot of input into the film, and Canon were keen to use my opinions and experience to keep it authentic and as high quality as possible. I also appeared in the marketing material for the camera, with imagery and impression of me on the product pages and press material. Finally I shot with the Canon G3X in London, to provide the sample images for the camera and its product pages.

Year: 2015
Role: Influencer & Photographer
Destination: All G3X Marketing EMEA