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Object Project #Trainers

Client – Whalar

I collaborated with Influencer Marketing platform, Whalar, to host their monthly Object Project. This involved me photographing renowned parkour athlete, Daniel Ilabaca, in London for an afternoon, while the Whalar team captured the shoot in video form. The focus of the project was ‘Trainers’ and my specific interpretation was of how those trainers allow movement to happen, between every athlete and the world around them, is a pair of trainers.

I then hosted the project on Instagram through the hashtag #objectproject_trainers to collect the entries. People entering could submit all kinds of images however, not just parkour/action, and we had a lot of urban explorers, fashion bloggers and creative submissions! The project was one of the most successful to date, and now serves as a key case study for Whalar to promote influencers talents to brands.

Year: 2018
Role: Photographer / Influencer
Destination: Online