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POV, Commericals & Parkour

I’m an experienced POV director, specialising in parkour and commercials for brands, and most well known for my first person action films. Through the emergence of the parkour community, I developed my style of capturing and displaying movement, before transitioning into music videos and larger scale productions. My primary focus is to create new and exciting work as a director, specifically within short form, shareable content.

I have directed a number POV / First Person films, with them amassing 37+ Million views on Youtube alone for my clients. I’m experienced with the intricacies of shooting from the perspective of the hero, and having knowledge of the scale and distances you need to work at are key to a successful first person film.

I am always working to develop new techniques to give the best image quality in POV work, and have built a reliable crew that are experienced with these productions. I also work with some of the best stunt performers and parkour athletes on these projects, and have a good relationship with GoPro. I insist on doing things for ‘real’ if at all possible, ranging from vehicle stunts, fight sequences and of course parkour action.

I also have over ten years experience of shooting Parkour and Freerunning as a DoP, and still operate from time to time. I have worked on various projects around the world, including LA, NYC, London, Paris, Berlin, Kiev, Istanbul and Tokyo. I take influence from a range of media, with a big interest in music videos, animation, video-games and virtual reality. My focus is creating experiences that provide the audience with a strong reaction, in an authentic and dynamic way.