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I have been involved with Parkour and Freerunning since 2005. Over that time I have worked with some of the most talented movement athletes in the world. Through my creative work, writing and critical analysis, I have developed my voice as a figure within the community. I am most known for my YouTube channel ‘Ampisound’ along with the branded projects I have worked on as a Director or Photographer.

When I work as an influencer, I think its absolutely essential to maintain authenticity and respect to the culture that I love. I’m experienced being in front of the camera as an influencer myself, but also directing parkour focused campaigns with other parkour talent.

The two platforms I favour most are YouTube and Instagram, and Facebook more recently. I like to produce strong, visual content, and these platforms allow me to get my work to my audience in a way that allows me to create dialogue with them.

I’ve worked on a number of influencer driven projects for various brands, from fashion to videogames. Generally working within campaigns that require stunning movement and thrilling emotion. I have a track record of producing viral parkour videos, in particular influencing the POV ‘first person’ style of filmmaking. I like to work closely with a brand to achieve their vision and create exciting, dynamic results.

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In 2007, I created the Ampisound youtube channel. Initially serving as a creative outlet for the blossoming UK parkour scene, the channel rapidly grew due to its impact within the community. Owing much of its success to the relationships with key figures within the early community, Ampisound now serves as a channel which produces Parkour content, viral videos and brand funded short films.

Having a channel that I can use to produce my own portfolio content, as well as by sponsored work, means I can create something that can influence people far beyond if I was to simply be a typical director. I have a passion for sharing parkour and freerunning with the world, and Ampisound allows me to do that.




A heart pounding zombie chase sequence, amassing 100+ Mil views on Youtube and 50+ Mil on Facebook.


The promotional film for the Canon G3X, featuring Scott Bass as the hero photographer to promote the camera.


Four YouTube films promoting Daredevil Season 2. Shot in New York in one week, with over 4 Mil views on YouTube.



My Instagram account serves as a blend of my parkour work, and my more general photography. Exploring new places naturally comes with the territory of parkour, so I capture those moments to share with my followers. I want to express myself in a more diverse way on Instagram, allowing myself scope to share imagery in the realms of architecture, fashion, action sports and urban exploration.

Recently, I have been producing more video for Instagram exclusively. Creating short form content, lets me reach new people. I’ve worked with a number of brands on the platform, in a way that stays true to my artistic values. As a result of this, I maintain a strong engagement with my followers on the platform.



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I was pitched by Lucozade to create content for the #bottlecapchallenge. I was able to shoot & deliver the content within 36 hours, engaging the brand and trend in a natural way.



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Deliveroo asked me to create an image that would represent getting your whatever food you’re craving, delivered to wherever you are. Even if you’re on the city rooftops!



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I produced a range of assets for Vodafones 5G rollout in Liverpool. The brief was to shoot parkour action content in locations with the colour red, and include digital devices if possible.