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One Day with George Mayfield

George Mayfield is one of my favourite people to shoot parkour photos with, and I have shot a LOT of parkour photos. We planned to do a single day shooting around the Brunswick Centre and if we had time, Barbican.

Firstly, just getting into the Brunswick centre was a little bit of a mission, but with some careful tailgating we managed to get access. I’m sure it’s a fairly well known building to londoners but I had never even heard of it before George (AKA Pat) mentioned it would be a cool shoot location.

Arriving into this amazing concrete atrium, I knew we would cook up something cool together.

The following sequence was so fun to capture, you can’t tell from the images but George is jumping to a horrible concrete staircase at an angle, it was a really horrible jump.

I then floated a really wild idea. Commit to climbing to the very top of the apartments and give me a classic ‘speed air man’ pose right in the center of the symmetry. George was up for it straight away, and off he went.

Obviously after that, we made a swift exit and so we followed the Brunswick Centre with a quick stop at UCL for this funky staircase.

And a new portrait of George before moving onto this on photo spot of the shard, which we had been saving for over 9 months.

Before finally finishing the day at the Barbican.

Always a pleasure shooting with Pat, we may even whip these images into a little zine one day!

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