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London Marathon Expo Parkour Shows

Client: Abbott Global Healthcare – Agency: BuildParkour & WFPF

I worked with BuildParkour to design a parkour setup for the Abbott stand at the London Marathon Expo. Using my knowledge of Parkour and Freerunning, along with my experience choreographing shows in the past, I developed a layout for the equipment that would cater to a range of skills and abilities.

We wanted to allow the athletes to swing, jump, flip and climb. I solved this by staggering elements of the setup to allow for longer areas to run into and out of movements, which vastly increased the potential of the space.

I was present on site to oversee the setup with the BuildParkour team, and I also shot photography of the performances throughout the event.

Year: 2017
Role: Parkour Setup Designer & Photographer
Destination: London Marathon Expo

Above: The original design renders for the Abbott Parkour setup.

Below: Photography of the setup during the event and the hourly parkour shows. Click an image to see full size.