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On Set: Dying Light Parkour POV

Now that the Dying Light project is out, I can also release a few images from the production. We shot over three days in Cambridge, last november, and had to battle the english weather a little bit. Its been one of my favourite projects for a few reasons. It was a lot of fun working with athletes I have known for years, and their commitment and confidence in the project allowed me to get the results I wanted usually in the first or second take of a sequence. Here are a few images from the shoot!

Dying Light Parkour POV BTS 9
Whats worse than Zombies? Zombies that can jump.

Dying Light Parkour POV BTS 7
Alex and Neil preparing for the chase take where they nearly catch the hero.

Dying Light Parkour POV BTS 6
Directing Toby for one of the lines in the project.

Dying Light Parkour POV BTS 5
Hannah was an excellent makeup artist for the project, really got the right kind of look for zombies that I wanted.

Dying Light Parkour POV BTS 4
Explaining to Phil that I needed Toby to jump on him.

Dying Light Parkour POV BTS 2
Discussing possible movement options for a scene.

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