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World Chase Tag

I’ve been loosely following World Chase Tag for the last few years, watching it grow from its initial format into a more and more professional project. When I visit my friends in Tokyo, they have a Chase Tag arena set up at their gym. It seems the Japanese TV shows are really interested, so after learning more about it I have since been paying closer attention.

It was then I found out that my friends at Breach, a Parkour clothing brand and athlete team, were entering for the upcoming qualifiers in London. I was invited to join them on the day and chose to shoot the event for my own portfolio and to test out some new autofocus settings I’ve been playing with, considering I felt the low light may be a challenge.

What follow are a generally ‘ordered by team’ set of my images from the event. I shot about half of the matches, and spent time with the athletes watching during the others. The WTC team gave me an athlete pass which meant I could enjoy the event to its fullest and capture some nice images along the way.


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