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So, long and short, in the last three months my life exploded. It would be difficult to even write a chapter as wild as the one I have had, but it happened, so I pressed the eject button and booked flights back to Tokyo.

I was there in spring of this year and that trip only made stronger my wish to be in Japan as much as possible. This particular trip was focused around one thing, improving my Japanese. I arrived into the sauna that is summer in japan, an oven of 35 degree heat and 90% humidity. You cannot walk for long outside without drenching yourself in sweat, so its a bit of a pain to go anywhere during those months.

I dove into four lessons a week, along with attempting to speak as much as possible with my friends. I also committed to pushing myself into tricky situations such as visiting restaurants alone and making small-talk with other natives, taking taxis, shopping and going out with all Japanese people and speaking 90% Japanese only. It was wonderful to also widen my circle in Japan, being introduced to friends of friends and see some cool art galleries and resturants!

I also got really into taking photos looking up at buildings so here are a bunch of those too!

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