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California Dreaming

I took a spontaneous trip to Los Angeles for a few weeks this summer to visit some of my friends there. Its always nice to enjoy the California Sun, and it was surprising to see so many of my fellow brits out there at one time. Unlike most of my trips, this one was more of a social visit than my usual tourist endeavours.

We spent a good amount of time at Malibu beach, chasing sunsets. It was really sunny and hot in LA, so it was nice to be by the water mostly. Here is a collection of some of my favourite images from my time in the USA, shot on my 5d3.

I’ve been trying to improve the way I edit my images in terms of colour, because thats something I think really helps refine an image to how I want it. I also did a shoot with a ballerina at Sepulveda dam, so those images will be up shortly too!

james kingston sepulveda backflip

Went out to Sepulveda Dam with James Kingston one evening. We got this one first try, everyone was happy.

james kingston headshot portrait

Potrait of James Kingston.

james kingston backflip

Another backflip.

pip andersen actor headshot

Buddy of mine and parkour athlete turned actor, Pip Andersen, wanted an ‘LA style’ headshot.

malibu beach overcast stairs

Malibu was a roll of the dice when it came to the weather. We went four times and each was so different!

becky andersen beach girl

Becky Andersen (wife of Pip) looking windswept.


Candid shot of the beach overlook.

james kingston climber beach

‘Hey James, go climb that rock’

malibu beach jump

‘Hey Pip, go jump on that rock’

silhouettes on rocks

‘Hey guys, get on those rocks’

el matador cave

It was pretty sketchy to get inside this cave, creeping through it barefoot was worth it though.

malibu sea girl

She smiled as she walked past me, and into the sea.

sunset flip

Pip with a flip.

malibu beach sunset silhouette kingston

Candidate for ‘sunset of the year’.

james kingston sunset beach

The colours were incredible.

james kingston sunset beach jump

This is actually a dirty height drop. Respect for doing this onto wet sand James haha.

james kingston sunset beach flip

Backflip to finish. Perfect.

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