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Hello-o my name is…

As part of the ongoing work I have been doing for Hello-o my name is… I have been shooting portraits of the new glasses as they come in to complement the action clips we have been filming.

It’s been pretty fun to get new, unique glasses every few months, and I’ve been enjoying getting Harrison, Connor and Shane out and about for these micro shoots.

Check out some of the images I’ve shot for Hello, starting with Harrison!

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Summer of 21

It’s been a pretty hot and sticky summer, and this one I have spent out in the city with the AMPISOUND team for the most part. While working away on a few projects for the future, the last few months have been a nice moment to get back into the swing of being outside all summer again.

I have recently been really enjoying an app called ‘NOMO’ which does this wonderful Kodak emulation, and looks pretty authentic, so this summer I spent a lot of time playing with that to capture some unique moments with my friends.

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Somedays in Japan

In June, I made my sixth trip to Japan and my second for 2019. I’d met Brendan AKA Puppet in November of 2018 on my last trip, and we’d hit it off and since discussed doing a project together. We flew out to Tokyo for a little over two weeks and shot two music videos and a bunch of stills along the way. Here are some of my favourite stills of B from our adventures out and about, along with the music video I shot for ‘Somedays’.

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Damsel and the Dam

Recently, I’ve been enjoying shooting with women who move, as its a nice change from my typical fare. Miranda is a Ballet dancer living in LA, so I knew we had to shoot something with her while I was there.

We tripped out to Sepulveda Dam and shot this series of photos. I liked the contrast with the large concrete shapes of the Dam, versus the beautiful and light movements of Miranda’s dancing. She was so excited about the location and getting the perfect positions for the movements, and her passion clearly carried into the images that follow.

All these images were shot with Canon 5D3 at 85mm. Check them out!

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Starting ’16

It’s been a busy and scattered start to the year for me. In and out of editing for a number of projects, some of which are still under embargo, some of which aren’t. I spent some time catching up with friends, travelling around the UK a bit and shooting some non-parkour images for a change.

At the moment I’m really enjoying shooting portraits especially, and I’m lucky to have a lot of beautiful friends to work with. Unlike my previous posts, this one isn’t so much a travel collection of images, but more a selection of some of the things I’ve been up to recently. All images were shot on my Canon 5D, G7X or my iPhone 6.

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River Isar with John Farnworth

I had the pleasure of spending some time with football freestyle legend, John Farnworth, while I was in Munich recently. I’ve known John for a while now, and while we’ve always been trying to get time to shoot together properly, until now we hadn’t been able to. Luckily, we had some free time from the FamJam event we were both attending, so we spent a few hours strolling down by the river Isar in the city.

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