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In January, Talia and I took a short city break to Lisbon. I’d heard that it was a rather hilly city, but I was not ready for the level of hill that we experienced. In Lisbon, every day is leg day!

We explored the winding cobbled streets, up and down stairs and slopes. Our main tourist stops were the castles and cathedrals, the castle especially which offered fantastic views of the city.

Even though it was January, the weather was a wonderful 19C and sunny. Here are a set of some ‘tourist’ photos I shot on my Canon G7X, check them out!

Due to it being rather warm in summer, the city has this wonderful look of orange roofs and light pastel shade facias.

Cube of flowers. Art I guess!

Thought this car was pretty cool, intersting how each sticker must have been placed by someone, each sticker a story.

Took a peek inside an antiques shop.

Exploring the castle grounds.

Talia was shooting polaroids during the trip. Here is one with its background.

Some of the streets were barely wide enough for two people to walk down.

This is the ‘Carmo Convent’, the ruins of a cathedral that are left after an earthquake destroyed most of it.

I actually like being able to see the sky above the arches.

This is one part of the convent that was still intact, either it survived the earthquake or was restored. They had some amazing coffins and tombs in there!

Another old church, this one still in use.

Welcome to Lisbon, we have lots of stairs.

I couldn’t help but shoot all these little alleyways.

Took a cable car ride near Oriente.

I call this ‘The Gate to the Seagull Kingdom’.

Tourists take selfies don’t they?

Checking out the Lisbon Oceanarium.

The area outside the oceanarium itself was pretty interesting.

It has one of the largest tanks in the world!

Plus a cool little rainforest section.

Thanks for checking out the photos from my time in Portugal!

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