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I hadn’t planned on visiting Nara until actually arriving in Tokyo. My friends suggested I go, so during my Kyoto time, I got up at the crack of dawn (to avoid the other tourists) and hopped on a train to Nara.

Wow. If you go to Japan and you want to see the old Japan, go to Nara. Kyoto is nice, but its a big city with lots of tourists. If you make it to Nara for 6-7am, you will literally be the only one walking around some of the most impressive temples I saw during my stay.

Also, Nara is home to hundreds and hundreds of sacred deer. These guys are actually pretty tame near the temples, and you can feed them special deer cookies you can buy from the shops, but the ones who live in the woods are a little more wild.

Nara is mostly famous for its huge cast bronze Buddha statue. It was a sight to see for sure, and the level of detail and craftsmanship in it, along with the other temples, really was special.

If you get there early, I suggest you hit the Buddha first thing to avoid any tourists, but after that It was relatively quiet for the rest of my day walking around. August is the low season for tourism in Japan due to the heat and humidity, but if you dress light, you can really get a chance to explore uninhibited.

Scott Bass - Nara Japan 2015 - 02

Scott Bass - Nara Japan 2015 - 04

First I wandered through the small town by the train station and out toward the main area with the temples and greenery. I stopped by this little pagoda on a lake and enjoyed the early morning tranquility.

Scott Bass - Nara Japan 2015 - 05

I next decided I should visit what would be the biggest tourist attraction of Nara, before it got busy. When I arrived at  Todai-Ji temple, it was effectively deserted,

Scott Bass - Nara Japan 2015 - 06

Scott Bass - Nara Japan 2015 - 09

Todai-Ji temple is super amazing for a few reasons. Inside the temple is a giant cast bronze statue of a buddha, one of Japans largest.

Scott Bass - Nara Japan 2015 - 10

The building itself is the largest wooden structure in the world. The crazy thing is that this is the rebuild, and the original building was some 2-3 times larger!

Scott Bass - Nara Japan 2015 - 11

I continued my exploration and walked up some hills towards the higher temples.

Scott Bass - Nara Japan 2015 - 12

Scott Bass - Nara Japan 2015 - 14

Checked out this large bell, it was huge!

Scott Bass - Nara Japan 2015 - 15

Nara was perhaps my favourite temple experience in Japan. Just being free to walk around and get lost, with almost no other people around (most were sitting, painting the surroundings).

Scott Bass - Nara Japan 2015 - 16

Scott Bass - Nara Japan 2015 - 17

It’s custom to put some of this water in your mouth, wash your hands etc when visiting a temple. These basins were everywhere.

Scott Bass - Nara Japan 2015 - 18

Ventured through the forest to another part of the complex.

Scott Bass - Nara Japan 2015 - 19

The morning light here was absolutely exquisite. The Japaneese have a word for the way that light filters through tree leaves, ‘Komorebi’.

Scott Bass - Nara Japan 2015 - 20

I made sure to visit more gardens. I’m not a huge fan of gardening myself, but I definitely have an appreciation for it.

Scott Bass - Nara Japan 2015 - 21

Tea houses. I couldn’t find the entrance to this garden so I hopped the wall to get in. Sorry.

Scott Bass - Nara Japan 2015 - 23

Turns out its free to enter for foreigners anyway, so no harm done.

Scott Bass - Nara Japan 2015 - 26

Perhaps my favourite thing about Japanese gardens is how they embrace moss, where most other gardens use grass or gravel.

Scott Bass - Nara Japan 2015 - 32

Next up, my visit to Himeji, which will contain a castle and some more gardens! Don’t you just love gardens?!

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