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New Year in USA

To celebrate the release of his upcoming new album, Puppet held a mini-tour across a few cities in America. He invited me to join and shoot the shows, and maybe make a small little music video. As I was going to be in America, I made sure to stop off at Denver to meet my friend Matthew first, where we thoroughly explored the wonders of Colorado including a trip up Pikes Peak. Then onto the tour which comprised of LA, Seattle and finally back to Denver.

It was nice to get back to LA considering it was pretty cold in New York and the UK, so wearing a T-shirt for a few days was a and treat! We decided to rent a huge red truck and park in the lot of an abandoned K-mart, because it looked cool and I roped my good friend Omar Zaki in to do a backflip for the music video. We also got out to Sepulveda dam for a little skate which was lovely! Seattle was damp and we only had the one night there, and the return to Denver was more snow! Anyway check out the music video we made and the shots from the trip!

Furthermore, a collection of special moments on tour and some of my favourite images from the shows.

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