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New York

I’ve arrived in the city that never sleeps, after a brief stop at Niagra Falls. Walking around NYC has been such a contrast even to London or Chicago, as its just so much higher and busier than I imagined. I spent some time exploring midtown, checking out a few rooftop spots I’d heard about, visiting the financial district and also spending a little time strolling around soho.

Here are a selection of some of my favourite images from my time in NYC, I found myself street snapping a lot more than usual, because there is a such an interesting range of human elements when you have a supercity like this.
New York soho freedom tower

flariron building
The bird flew past at just the right moment

New York streets
Saw this cool light reflected from a skyscrper in the distance and it was bouncing around the crosswalk

Matthew & Miguel
Stopped to capture a couple photos with my friends Matthew and Miguel

Miguel & Matthew
Results turned out quite nice

building sun
Made our way to a rooftop for sunset

matt over nyc

times square sunset
It was 54 floors up and unlike the rockefeller or empire state, there weren’t any horrible chainlink fences here.

skyline sunset

times square new york
Times Square is one of the busiest places I’ve ever been, you cannot walk two feet without someone trying to sell/give/get/do something to you.

New York central park

New York building

New York grand central station
This was an interesting one to see, functional building but also in its own way a tourist spot

New York streets again

New York love plaza sign

New York mirror building
Maybe my favourite photo from NYC

New York feet watch black
I walked about 10 miles a day for my week in New York

New York jewish men

New York freedom tower
This one is also up there for favourite NYC photo

lady and the liberty
Lady and the Liberty

New York 9/11 memorial
The 9/11 Memorial

freedom tower mist

New York skater
New York Skate of Mind

New York tower

New York skylinegolden
What a skyline

New York bridge skyline

New York brooklyn bridge
Checked out the Brooklyn Bridge

New York brooklyn bridge closer

new york bridge empire state building
But this is the shot I wanted, Empire State Building visible through the Washington Bridge

brooklyn bridge walking

brooklyn bridge view of freedom tower
Some awesome light going on here

New York construction workers
And this is also one of my favourites, the mist from the subway was so cinematic

New York over the water

New York statue of liberty
See you later New York, on to the last stop, Washington DC!

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