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Old Japan

I’m rounding out my final two posts from my Japan trip earlier this year. These will be all the images I shot on my 5D Mk3, as previously all my Japan posts have been taken with my Canon G7X. This post features a collection of stills from what I would call the ‘Old Japan’: Temples, nature, shrines and gardens. I had a wonderful time walking around all these stunning places, I really cannot recommend visiting Japan enough in that respect. Most of these were shot with my new 85mm 1.8 lens, which I got just before the trip. Most of my photography revolves around action, and I realised that because of that I rarely get to shoot images with nice blurry bokeh. Therefore I especially enjoyed shooting with it here!

(From the Japanese: [boke]) Bokeh is the aesthetic quality of the blur produced in the out-of-focus parts of an image produced by a lens. Bokeh has been defined as “the way the lens renders out-of-focus points of light”)

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-83

This was early morning in Nara, which is famous for its numerous wild deer that inhabit the shrines.

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-84

You have to be very slow, and very quiet. This one was a little shy, but generally they are quite tame. Especially if you have ‘Deer Cookies’ to give them!

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-80

It slowly approached me.

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-79

As it looked up at me, time stopped. Blessed to have shared a moment with this majestic creature.

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-76

Even though it was late august, some trees were still blooming!

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-77

This pagoda on the lake was a tranquil spot.

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-74

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-72

I then walked over to the major temples to visit.

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-69

Tōdai-ji temple is the largest wooden structure in the world. It houses a stunning cast bronze buddha.

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-68

It was absolutely gigantic!

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-67

Some of the other statues were also exquisite.

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-62

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-66

Nara was just wonderfully peaceful.

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-65

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-64

I love that 85mm lens.

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-63

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-57

Being in Nara so early, I literally got the entire temple complex more or less to myself. There were parts where I would walk through shrines and not see another human. Very spirited away.

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-58

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-52

These gates are a very common sight in Japanese shrines.

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-51

I then walked over to a working temple.

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-55

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-56

The girls that were here had a strange kind of grace to them.

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-54

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-50

A little red bridge.

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-49

I wandered back over to the pavillion and saw this couple having wedding photos taken. I love the umbrellas.

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-45

Walking through the Isuien Garden in Nara, a great stop if you enjoy Japanese landscaping.

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-42

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-43

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-40

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-39

Leaves and ripples.

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-34

Arashiyama is a Bamboo Grove in Kyoto.

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-35

Its only really about 500m of one walkway, which is where all the famous photos are taken.

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-38

Once again, I was there by 7AM so I could enjoy it in peace.

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-36

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-23

This is Kinkaku-ji, also knows as the Golden Pavillion. It was probably the busiest place I visited, tourist wise.

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-22

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-21

Found a mirror, took a selfie.

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-11

This is Fushimi-Inari, in Kyoto that comprises of some 20+ separate shrines all up the side of a mountain.

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-20

Its most famous for its 10,000+ Tori gates, which when you walk through, line up to create this beautiful tunnel.

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-17

Again, I was here very early.

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-16

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-12

This tree looked quite magical in the morning light.

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-15

Each gate is donated by a Japanese business, as the shrine is dedicated to ‘Inari’ the god of business.

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-13

I spent over a hour doing the hike across the mountain and I actually bumped into a few businessmen on the way. Apparently sometimes they will visit the shrine before an important meeting or job interview.

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-1

Finally, a couple images from my garden walks in Kyoto and Himeji.

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-32

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-31

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-29

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-25

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-3

I’ve been trying to create natural frames in my compositions recently.

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-2

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-4

This was a beautiful day.

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-6

These stepping stones are so perfectly Japanese. Whimsical and functional.

Scott Bass-Japan 2015-Canon5D3-7

My final Japan 2015 post will be my photos from the new japan, mostly Tokyo, with plenty of rooftop images to come!

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