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Washington DC

So we’ve made it to what is the final main stop of my east coast roadtrip. Its been a really eye opening experience and I feel like I’ve gotten to see a lot of American culture. DC was probably my most educational visit, where we got to see all of the monuments, museums and political buildings. Here are my faves from the day!

Washington DC monument reflection
I recommend getting up super early to see the sunrise and the monument.

Washington DC monument morning sun

Washington DC world war ii memorial fountain morning
Its so beautiful at the world war II memorial as the suns rays come through.

Washington DC fountain

Washington DC reflecting pool morning
Everything was so still.

Washington DC  lincoln memorial morning
The other good thing is that its not swamped with school trips and kids yet!

Washington DC  momument view pool

Washington DC matt and monument
Matthew and the Monument

Washington DC pool and monument

Washington DC lincoln statue
This guy was a bit of a beast.

Washington DC monument reflection

Washington DC  white house gardens
Saw the white house.

Washington DC white house front

Washington DC statue modern art
Then hit the museums.

Washington DC butterfly garden

Washington DC butterfly

Washington DC blue butterfly
I adored this butterfly garden, these guys were flying and landing all over the place and it was so fun to take photos of them.

Washington DC more butterflies

Washington DC museum natural history
Checked out the natural history museum.

Washington DC museum

Washington DC apollo 11 lander
The return module from the Apollo 11 mission, really cool to have seen this in person.

Washington DC capitol building

Washington DC mario notes window
Someone did a good job with this window and their sticky notes haha!

Washington DC jefferson lake

Washington DC jefferson memorial
The Jefferson memorial was neat.

Washington DC monument at night

Washington DC lincoln memorial at night

Washington DC reflection night
We grabbed some of the city bikes and peddled about through DC that evening, its $7 for 24h and so long as you keep the trips under 30 mins, it says at $7. Super fun compared to walking as theres a lot of ground to cover!

Washington DC ww2 fountain at night

Washington DC monument and people night
Thats Matt on the bike. ET eat your heart out.

Washington DC capital building reflection
Thanks DC! We’re on the way homeward next. I’ll likely make one more post with all the in-between bits of travelling that didn’t deserve a full post on their own.

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