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Rooftop Parkour POV

This year, I’ve made a commitment to post one video a month on the Ampisound Youtube Channel. Thus far, I’ve published three videos, with our Rooftop Parkour POV achieving success at almost 200,000 views at time of writing.

The Parkour POV features athlete Connor Walker, moving across various new locations and spots. I wanted to make sure that all the lines in the video had never been seen on the Ampisound channel before, so we visited new places to shoot, which I think is key to creating interesting POV videos. I’m always keen for them to feel cohesive in terms of lighting and colour, and I did a lot of colour work to make sure the transitions and cuts felt smooth.

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Cambridge Toehang

In this new blog post format ‘behind the image’ I’m going to be looking at a photo I have taken with an interesting story, and sharing what went into its capture. To start things off, we’re looking at a photo I took eight years ago when Phil Doyle hung by his feet off the edge of a rooftop in Cambridge…

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Lorena Abreu

Lorena Abreu has been on my radar as one of the upcoming female American athletes to keep an eye on. I finally got to meet her in person a few years ago at the 4 The Love of Movement jam in Holland, and recently saw her again at this years 2017 edition. After, she hit me up and suggested we shoot together while she was in the UK, so we got together one evening to capture a few images.

Lorena was so passionate with each setup we captured, which made for images which translate well to her energy and character.

Shot with Canon 5D mk3, 16-35 & 24-70 f/2.8 or 85 f/1.4. Natural Light & 1x Yongnuo LED panel for fill & catchlights.

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On Set: Dying Light Parkour POV

Now that the Dying Light project is out, I can also release a few images from the production. We shot over three days in Cambridge, last november, and had to battle the english weather a little bit. Its been one of my favourite projects for a few reasons. It was a lot of fun working with athletes I have known for years, and their commitment and confidence in the project allowed me to get the results I wanted usually in the first or second take of a sequence. Here are a few images from the shoot!

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FH2T London Jam

Those chaps from across the pond are back in the UK capital again, screening the feature length documentary of their world tour, From Here to There. Jesse La Flair and Corey DeMeyers are two US athletes who have been pushing hard on the media this year and making big things happen. I went to London to hang out with them for the day and shot a couple of photos during the jam.

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MTS Parkour Commercial

The project I worked on in Kiev, Ukraine, has started running on Ukrainian TV. I was in Kiev for just under a week, scouting and planning a number of parkour sequences.

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Project for Arthur J Gallagher

I just wrapped on a project for Arthur J Gallagher. I was hired as DoP and Parkour Consultant, on a two day shoot in the Bank area of London. I had the pleasure to cast two of my favourite athletes to work with, Alex Potts and Katie McDonnell. They delivered a fantastic performance as you can see…

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The Ultimate Tree

A quick photo from the Bustree in Cambridge. Its literally another world. You can see a little more of this amazing location at the video we produced for FLOW…

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On the Wirral

I’ve been up north recently, shooting in Chester for an upcoming project which is yet to go live. While I was there, I spent some time with the Ilabaca family and we explored a few places around the Wirral. My favourite images are as follows…

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Rooftopping Cambridge

Here is a collection of five Instagrams I took over the spring, following the local training group in Cambridge and exploring rooftops.

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