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MTS Parkour Commercial

The project I worked on in Kiev, Ukraine, has started running on Ukrainian TV. I was in Kiev for just under a week, scouting and planning a number of parkour sequences.

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Project for Arthur J Gallagher

I just wrapped on a project for Arthur J Gallagher. I was hired as DoP and Parkour Consultant, on a two day shoot in the Bank area of London. I had the pleasure to cast two of my favourite athletes to work with, Alex Potts and Katie McDonnell. They delivered a fantastic performance as you can see…

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The Ultimate Tree

A quick photo from the Bustree in Cambridge. Its literally another world. You can see a little more of this amazing location at the video we produced for FLOW…

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On the Wirral

I’ve been up north recently, shooting in Chester for an upcoming project which is yet to go live. While I was there, I spent some time with the Ilabaca family and we explored a few places around the Wirral. My favourite images are as follows…

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Rooftopping Cambridge

Here is a collection of five Instagrams I took over the spring, following the local training group in Cambridge and exploring rooftops.

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